The 39th Annual Vietnamese Culture Night at UCLA

Monday, January 21, 2019 | Royce Hall

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We intend culture night to meet the Vietnamese Student Union’s vision of advocating for the cultural, educational, political, and social welfare of the Vietnamese community at large.

văn hóa

Over the past 39 years, the Vietnamese Student Union at the University of California, Los Angeles has grown to be one of the largest and most prominent organizations in Southern California. We cherish and take very seriously the opportunity to increase our responsibility to educate people about bicultural issues concerning the Vietnamese American community. In attempts to foster a greater understanding towards the unique Vietnamese American experience, we enhance our own appreciation of the culture through the medium of theater and performing arts.



Therefore, the Vietnamese Student Union is proud to present our 39th Annual Vietnamese Culture Night (VCN) to the UCLA community and beyond.



Our show is open to a community of well over 1,800 undergraduate and graduate students, UCLA alumni, family members, and community members free of charge. We aim to foster a sense of appreciation for the unique Vietnamese culture through traditional song and dance, modern/hip hop movement, and distinctive storytelling. This year marks the 39th anniversary of our production and hopes to highlight some of the struggles of the second-generation Vietnamese American.

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Journal # 5: Đồng thanh tương ứng, đồng khí tương cầu – Birds of a Feather Flock Together

As a Culture Coordinator and as a VCN director, I’ve done a lot of talking about “starting the discussion”. I took it upon myself to bring this dialogue to people outside of the UCLA community prior to the day of the show. I had the extreme fortune to talk to a couple of older Vietnamese-Americans recently about mental health, the state of the Vietnamese community, and what they thought about how we can change this discussion for the better. By talking to them, and their experiences with mental health, I hoped to gain more insight into the deeply-rooted issues surrounding this taboo topic in our community. I learned a lot– about myself as a person struggling with these afflictions, about the community I’m trying to help, and about the people sitting in front of me. It’s very true that everyone has their own story and struggle; it’s just very harrowing to hear from them just how gruesome their stories could be. I think a lot of Vietnamese parents look at their kids and say, “you’re just a kid; you don’t know anything. Just suck it up and deal with it.” They don’t validate what the kids are going through, and the kids don’t validate their parents partly because the parents never shared their story. On one side, you have the parents. “It’s so hard to come to a new country,” my friend said. He explained to me that, in very traditional families, you lived and died on the same plot of land your ancestors did. You didn’t just pick up and leave. But when 1975 came around, there was no... read more

Journal #4: Cẩn Thận – Careful

And with that, auditions are over! I’m honestly really bad at taking pictures of things while they’re happening, so unlike Calvin’s very nicely-decorated posts with lots of pictures, mine have none. You’ll all have to deal. Anyway, Friday, with drama’s final callbacks, concluded the end of a very long month of auditions. With Awechords’, Modern’s, Traditional’s, and Drama’s auditions finally over, we can say that we have 99% of our cast on board! (The only exception being Stage Crew, which takes ongoing applicants.) We had a lot of very talented auditions for Drama, but unfortunately could only accept a handful. The small nature of my cast prevents me from adding more people. This morning, I wrote an e-mail to the drama cast. I wanted to share with them a few things, and I will paraphrase a few of those few things here. While this e-mail was sent to the drama cast, I have a feeling that I will send these messages out to all-cast soon as well, after we have our rosters filled out. firstly, you are a person, then a student, then a cast member With my cast members, due to the touchy nature of this topic, I refuse to make VCN the cause of anyone’s mental breakdown. I do not want anyone to feel overwhelmed, lost, or swept away by the amount of work they need to complete. If you need a break, you need a break– don’t be afraid to ask for it. My producer, Amy, says I need to take my own advice. the content of this script is very real to me While this... read more

Join us at Royce Hall on Monday, January 21, 2019

340 Royce Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90095