Past Productions

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18th Annual (1998) Tuổi Hồng Trên Quế Xưa  
19th Annual (1999) Niềm Ước Vọng  
20th Annual (2000) A Little More of Us  
21st Annual (2001) In Pursuit…  
22nd Annual (2002) Stranded Twilight: The Musical VIDEO
23rd Annual (2003) A Turtle’s Tale: The Past Awakens VIDEO
24th Annual (2004) Farewell Indochina  
25th Annual (2005) Cát Bụi: Drifters  
26th Annual (2006) Family Portrait: Bức Ảnh Gia Đình  
27th Annual (2007) Quê Hương: My Homeland VIDEO
28th Annual (2008) Adrift…  
29th Annual (2009) Chân Trời Mới: A New Tomorrow VIDEO
30th Annual (2010) Labors of Love: Lòng Mẹ PHOTO
31st Annual (2011) Still We Rise: Còn Nước Còn Tát PHOTO | VIDEO
32nd Annual (2012) Chasing Bets: Ngã Rẽ Cuộc Đời PHOTOS
33rd Annual (2013) Unrequited: Đường Một Chiều PHOTOS | VIDEO
34th Annual (2014) Almost Home: Mái Ấm Gia Đình PHOTOS | VIDEO
35th Annual (2015) Fight to Keep: Những Ngày Tháng Khó Quên PHOTOS | VIDEO
36th Annual (2016) See You Tomorrow;: Lối Về Bình Yên VIDEO
37th Annual (2017) The Things She Carries  
38th Annual (2018) Time in Tides  
39th Annual (2019) Between the Mountains and the Sea