Making our dream to spread Vietnamese cultural appreciation throughout the community a reality behind the scenes

The Publicity Committee utilizes their creativity and communication skills to represent Vietnamese Culture Night to our audience and community. Publicity translates the important themes and symbols of the production into eye-catching designs to raise awareness and excitement for Vietnamese Culture Night. Our members take on various roles from filming and editing behind-the-scenes videos, managing social media accounts, and outreaching to the local community. For more information and future updates about Vietnamese Culture Night, check out our Instagram and Facebook pages @uclavcn !

The Fiscal and Sponsorship Committee is responsible for allocating the funds necessary for the production and exhibition of Vietnamese Culture Night. By applying for funding grants, asking for donations, promoting sponsorships, managing fundraisers, and handling purchase orders and reimbursements, the committee utilizes its best resources in order to bring Vietnamese Culture Night to life, from script to stage.