Sponsor one of the largest and most popular student-organized culture night productions in the country

Dear prospective sponsor,

The Vietnamese Student Union at the University of California, Los Angeles is one of the most prominent Vietnamese-American organizations in Southern California. For the past 30 years, we have advocated for the socio-political welfare of both Vietnamese and person of color communities. We take very seriously our duty to educate individuals about such topics. With this in mind, the UCLA Vietnamese Student Union is proud to present the 40th Annual Vietnamese Culture Night (VCN).

VCN is one our biggest and most anticipated events with an attendance of over 1,500 people each year and a budget of roughly $30,000. Through performing arts, we aim to foster a greater understanding of Vietnamese-American experiences and culture. Large budget cuts and competition for resources each year, however, have made our show increasingly more difficult to finance. It has become essential for the community to participate and pledge their support for VCN through any  contributions.

We are here requesting that you do just that. By pledging, your business will be supporting the cultural enrichment and development of the next generation while uniting the community. This proposal details VCN itself and the different sponsorship options that will help us develop a mutually beneficial plan for VCN and your business. Thank you for your time and your generosity – we look forward to working with you.


Justin Nguyen | Executive Director | vcn.ucla@gmail.com

Amy Tran and Kathy Hong | Executive Producer | vcn.producer.ucla@gmail.com

Megan Phan and Henry Trinh | Fiscal & Sponsorship Coordinators | vcn.fiscal.ucla@gmail.com


Approx. Total Production Cost

Where It Goes

  • Facilities (Royce Hall) 70%
  • Sets / Props 5%
  • Advertising Materials (Flyers, Programs) 10%
  • Apparel 10%
  • Cast (Food, Transportation) 5%


Annual Attendees From All Across Southern California

Here are some more reasons why we are inviting you to sponsor VCN:

First Sold-Out Culture Night of the Year

Being the first on-campus culture night to be held at UCLA, VCN performs to a consistently sold out Royce Hall audience of over 1,500 people each year. By sponsoring VCN, you will be recognized by students, families, faculty, and community members who come from all around to watch the show.

Social Impact

Students spend months preparing for the show because they believe in VCN’s ability to educate the community on important social, cultural, and community issues. Your support is integral in continuing our mission. And, in addition, your sponsorship donation to a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Youth Leadership

VCN is entirely student-led and student-run. Students create and produce this show, from the scriptwriting to the choreography to the set designs to the a cappella arrangements. Supporting VCN means you are supporting the youth’s ability to lead and preserve the Vietnamese culture.

Financial Resource

Our entirely student-run production costs nearly $30,000 to produce, which includes costs for renting facilities, buying materials and equipment, and feeding the cast. These costs rise each year as budget cuts continue to deepen; your sponsorship will help us finance the show and provide the resources our students need!

Legacy of Excellence

VCN has been a part of the Vietnamese Student Union for 40 years. In previous iterations, VCN at UCLA has won countless awards from both the Union of the Vietnamese Student Associations of Southern California (UVSA SoCal) and the Union of the North American Vietnamese Student Assocations (UNAVSA), including Best Cast (2016), Most Eye-Opening Show (2014), and Top 3 Culture Nights in North America (2016). By supporting VCN, you are supporting an award-winning cultural experience.

Name Recognition

Attendees travel from all over Southern California– and sometimes beyond– to watch VCN at UCLA. By supporting VCN and having your name on our promotional material, your business will receive name and brand recognition around the Southern California region.

Your support is graciously appreciated on behalf of our 150+ member cast!

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